Panic Away Review (Unbiased)

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panic away ebookGood: The author provided detailed information about the physiology of panic. He also provided a unique methodology and some case studies.

Bad: The author keeps on insisting that his method works for everybody with no exceptions.

The Verdict: This e-book is highly recommended for everybody. It promotes a drug-free method to help people with panic disorders or anxiety disorders.

Does Panic Away work? Let us try to review this e-book in this article and you will decide.

Panics attacks are literally debilitating.  You know this if you are currently experiencing it. You will probably say that this is an understatement. Some people are confined to certain situations.

A panic attack is frightening, awful, embarrassing, and physically uncomfortable. You just want to run away from it.

You will have frightening thoughts like thinking you will have a heart attack or faint in front of many people. You are afraid that the attack will just go on and one and you might go crazy.

You will somehow feel failure once you come out to the other facet of the attack as if it is an enemy and you have surrendered the white flag. Overall, it is very terrifying and it is frustrating to say the least.

Fortunately, a revolutionary idea sprung up to help anxiety sufferers. The author Joe Barry latched on such idea in his e-book Panic Away: How to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast. Obviously, the book has a few flaws but we will talk about this later.

Who Is Joe Barry?

joe barryJoe Barry lives in Ireland and has developed his plan on how to fight anxiety while he is still studying at the University College of Dublin. His ideas about panic disorders and anxiety were first published in the year 2001.

Joe Barry is neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. He says that as a sufferer during his college life, he got frustrated with standard methods on treating anxiety, and made his own techniques that he organized into a system and published both in hard copy and e-book.

Panic Attack Treatment? | What is in Panic Away?

It has a program that consists of 3 stages:

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Persistence

Every stage has chapters that include explanation, thorough instructions, and real life case studies. Barry explained that most of the anxiety management methods use Band-Aid approach, which relieves the symptoms. So by contrast, he says that his method focuses on the source of the problem for a long-term relief.

Numerous methods that you may find on the internet involve overcoming or fighting the anxiety. The book says that your feelings are not the enemy and should embrace them in order to make them stop. The book has more than 70 chapters including sub-chapters. Some of them are very short, making the book very readable. It also has an introduction.

The chapters have a list of anxiety triggers like fear of flying.  Barry formulated a C.A.L.M approach that can deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD. The book also has a One More method that according to Barry, can work with anxiety and other problems.

The 21/7 Method

The program also uses the 21/7 technique of Barry. This approach means doing a countdown of 21 seconds followed by an exercise of 7 seconds. Both are very simple and can be executed in any place. There are other exercises as well, both mental and physical to help the stages. Barry has helped many sufferers in all walks of life: both sexes and every age bracket to achieve relief with his 21/7 method.

Flaws of Panic Away

Below are the pros and cons, and some aspects that might not work for some people.

The first thing that is questionable about the book is that when Barry said the every single person can eliminate their anxiety issues by adhering to the Panic Away program with no exceptions. You should be careful of any program that offers absolutes. You should always do research.

Another problem with the book introduced an awkward approach like Thought Field Therapy that entails talking to yourself while tapping different parts of the body. It does not mean that they will not work but it would be preferable to resort to more scientific and practical approach. But do not worry, the book is mostly practical and pragmatic. You can get an immediate relief right away.

Trusting yourself is a big part of the process. Barry said that if it will not work for you, then probably you are lacking trust. He never said that the plan might not work for everybody. Obviously, if the program does not work for you, Barry offers are money-back guarantee.

The Conventional Methods

Panic Away has the revolutionary thoughts from Barry and anxiety techniques that you may have heard already. Some are listed below:

  • Affirmations (positive or encouraging thoughts stated aloud)
  • Visualizations (the author is very detailed with this aspect)
  • Realizing that panic is not harmful for most part and not to fear sensations
  • There may be some setbacks during the process of eliminating panic

The Revolutionary

The author also made some statements that could change the life of panic sufferers forever.

  • Encouraging the body to do what it wants during the attacks. Based on the book: Observe, Embrace, and Demand More.
  • The difference between more generalized anxiety and situational anxiety
  • How OCD and panic attacks are related
  • How to stop labeling this as fighting yourself in every panic attack
  • Foods and diet that can help or hinder anxiety including artificial sweeteners like aspartame
  • The original technique of attacking anxiety route

The Flight Response

One useful thing about the book is its concentration on the fight or flight response on anxiety – why it is normal and why it does not have to developed into a full anxiety attack.

Barry elaborated well about the chemical reactions that happen to keep the flight response going. This triggers the full anxiety attack. It is the culmination of the fear, which are the physical feelings and the fear of having those feelings.

This is the premise of all panic attacks and we already understood how it works and how it could help panic sufferers. The author went in-depth with the actions of this events, mental and physical symptoms, why they happen, and why they are not always bad.

Talking About Medications

It is good that medications were discussed in the book. Medications are used to treat anxiety and on the spot attacks. Most people would say that medications can help. This book is not an anti-medication just to be clear.

The author does not deny that meds are effective but he stated that they are just to treat symptoms and not dealing with root of the problem. He said that over time, when a panic sufferer uses his methods, the fear of having panic attacks will be lessened, hence, lessening their occurrence.

The author also said that panic sufferers are not cowards but they are like fire fighters. People would say that there is a shame associated with panic attack sufferers. They are often seen as weak people. The author said that his is not the case. In fact he said that people with anxiety disorders are the bravest individuals.

Barry stated that panic attacks are not unusual because many people are hiding it. Using an effective technique, he claims that it is time to get out of the closet and deal with the problem upfront.

Pros and Cons of Panic Away… In a Nutshell


  • The book is very easy to understand while giving solid scientific approach at the same time. There is a good balance of information in the book.
  • The author does not waste words. He is straight to the point and provides complete information.
  • His methods really work for most people who have tried them.
  • His methods are cheap compared to other ones.
  • It provides sufferers with a long-term relief
  • Panic Away provides specific real-life situations like when you panic on a plane, automobile, and etc.


  • The author made some claims that he is not sure. For instance, he said that his methods work for everyone with no exceptions. But in real life, there are always some exceptions. He should not be giving guarantees like that.
  • There are only fewer footnotes in his book as far as scientific data is concerned. Science consists of solid information and some people might be skeptical about the book as they might demand scientific data.
  • Barry is very focused on his approach that it will work yet he did not provide any backup plan. There should be always a backup plan.

But in general, this program is worth your time and money. It is not a magic formula or a potion. It deals with real science and deals with sufferers in every situation.

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