Tips on How to Procrastinate Productively

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procrastinate productively

In this article, we will talk about procrastination. To get things done, we need to avoid things that distract us or also known as procrastination. But do you know that procrastination also has a good impact to our lives? Let us find out in the following paragraphs.

We owe procrastination a lot. It is responsible for our busiest hours and best ideas. When used effectively, it can be a good source of inspiration and powerful motivator. Procrastination has two categories namely, structured and unstructured.

Structured Procrastination

In structured procrastination, you desire to avoid an important task to do other things. You postpone the things that you need to do for other things. Many people avoid important tasks to turn to other tasks that are having less attention.

Get Organized

While avoiding an important task, you feel very productive when organizing your house or work space. Without procrastination, the dishes would never get done and your work desk would be cluttered.


Do you have contacts that need to be replied but do not have the time? Then procrastination is the opportunity to reply to nonessential emails politely. Spending time to get in touch with people pays in the long run.

Planning Ahead

The only thing better compared to doing something is thinking about doing something. You should take time to identify and schedule your tasks. Obviously, you should leave the important one for last.

Odds and Ends

Procrastination is actually a great opportunity to close everything what is in your mind. You can use it as an excuse to resolve problems that have been bugging you.


If you are not going to be productive, then you should take other people down with you.


Do you need to schedule an appointment to your dentist? Or you do need to change your car oil? Procrastination can make the most trivial and tedious errands appealing.

Get Updated

Do you have a lot of boring memos and reports that you should be reading? Then procrastination can make them look interesting.

Help Others

If you are not going to work, then you can give the help that you promised to your friend last week.

Unstructured Procrastination

Sure, structured procrastination is a good way to get busy but sometime it does not cut it. When you would rather not do anything that is work related, then unstructured procrastination is a good choice. This may sound laziness but what is wrong with that?

This is beneficial for recharging your creative energy and allows the conscious mind to deal with difficult problems. Below are some productive ways on how to avoid work completely:

Go for Lunch

Well, you have to eat. You should probably do it now because you cannot use it as an excuse later.


This is the same as going out for lunch. This will increase your alertness.

Go for a Walk

A walk is one way of clearing your mind allowing great ideas to come in.


If you have a strong feeling to procrastinate, then there is probably a reason. Relaxation is an important factor for a healthy and productive lifestyle. So why not do it now when you cannot get anything else done?

Think of a Good Idea

Well, you cannot do this right away but studies have shown that creative people like entrepreneurs tend to have good ideas when they are in down time.

Read a Book

If you would not think about yourself, then you might as well learn from ideas from other people.

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