Be An Inspiration to Others

inspire othersWe are born to be equal having pure potential, pure possibility, pure energy and pure essence. But during our early years, our individual environment starts or override and dominate our early innocence. We are told NO a lot of times and soon we start to believe that we have limitations.

A mother with a bitter divorce would say to his child that he is no good and he will never be. He is just like his father, useless. An eight-grade has been told by his music teacher that he cannot sing. So he does not have to try. She ridiculed the child in front of the class.

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Eliminate All Hindrances to Personal and Spiritual Achievement

eliminate hindrances

If you have fallen short of the person you can be, then it is demoralizing. You move three steps forward, and then fall two backwards. You feel that you are moving like a snail. What could possible go wrong? You are doing something right and wrong. Noticing it is what you are doing right. If you do not notice it, then you would not move forward. This is the implication of being blocked or stuck. This self-awareness is the key to progress both in personal and spiritual aspect.

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Reviving the Creativity in You

reviving creativityIt is normal to experience a loss of creativity once in a while. So the next time you need to boost your creativity, this article can help you. Here are 7 easy tips to unleash your creativity from the inside.

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Some Thoughts About Creativity

about creativityIt is not true that people cannot be creative, that you have to be a genius to show creativity. Yet for some people, creativity is very hard to achieve. Why is that? In this article, we will talk about some thoughts regarding creativity.

Probably creative people in the field of arts and sports can tell that creativity is something that we can experience. Think of it this way, an artist does things that are very creative that he or she not only enjoy but also other artists too.

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Resist to the Temptation of Submitting to Authority

submit to authority

For some reasons, it is nice to submit to authority as it removes the pressure. We do not have to decide what actions to do when a problem arises and we do not have to think for ourselves. We just have to do what our leader says and be confident with his or her answer as the final.

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Know What You Really Want to Get There

chase your dreamYou can do anything you put your mind to. This means that everything you do is imagine what you would like to accomplish, put your mind to it, and wait for the results.

To some degree, this is true. Focused intention with action is a very powerful force. However, that statement is a bit misleading as it did not mention about the difficulty and focusing your mind to the goal.

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Build a Wonderful Life in 5 Ways

build wonderful life

You Should Live Within Your Means

There are always temptations to disregard the future for instant pleasure. All of us want to purchase that brand new piece of gadget, treat yourself to a pricey night in town, or get that loan for a fancy car that you cannot afford. It will feel good at that moment but hasty spending will gradually hurt down the road.

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How to Overcome a Loss of Motivation

loss of motivation

How often have you started a new project or activity with a splash of excitement, simply to feel that you lost motivation? This usually makes you upset and results in giving up too early. Many people experienced this disappointment a lot of times. But the good thing is, with a little reflection and thought it is possible to turn this bad emotion into a good one.

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Increase Your Personal Productivity! Here are the Top Multiple Positives from Productive People

personal productivity

Multiple positives are actually activities that benefit you in many ways. These are very powerful productivity tool as they maximize your time by integrating necessities like making money, education, fun, and exercise into a single productive action. It is easy to get things done without feeling stressed out when you use more multiple positives. They can also give you free time and give you a pleasant feeling of efficiency and satisfaction.

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