The Importance of Listening

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listeningMany people love to talk. Talking is something they enjoy and it is usually balanced out by their ability to listen. There are also some people who are either good at either talking or listening. This means that they are imbalanced.

If a person always talks and does not listen, then he or she will be perceived in certain ways by other people. This could imply that people love the way he or she talks or it could also mean that the person is self-centered. On the other hand, if a person always listens to others, he or she will be perceived differently. Other people could think that he or she is shy, or could also be seen as a great listener. It is now clear that we have to express ourselves and also have to listen to others. Your action will also depend on the situation.


It is wrong to say that listening is better than talking because it depends on the context. It is like using a hammer to cut a tree. The hammer is a good tool when used in the right job.

To get the full potential of the hammer, it needs to be used in a project using nails. To cut a tree, it requires a special type of saw. So with regards to talking and listening, you have to use your intelligence to determine the best option for any given moment.


While making a decision consciously or unconsciously, as to what option is best, there are some people who are out of touch with how other people are responding. In this manner, talking is something they do regardless of it is appropriate or not. A person may not even know how this is affecting their interactions with other people.

Personal Expression

This means that they say what they want to express and at the same time, they make other people feel ignored. If a person is talked over or not given the chance to express, then they will not feel respected, important, or valued. This will lead to negative impressions.


To have a good impression to others, you have to put aside your needs first. If a person is always used to talking, then it means that he or she has to cut back on what they can say. While one will lose someone on one side, they will gain something on the other side. People will feel important if they are heard, especially if they are used to other people are ignoring them or not giving them the chance to be heard.


So through talking, one has the chance to express themselves. However, if all they do is talk, they will miss out on what other people have to say. And this means their ability to learn new things and to therefore expand their mind, is going to be severely affected.

When talking, one has a chance to express. On the other hand, if all they do is talk, then they will miss what other people have to say. This means that they will not learn new things and expand their mind. So when one talks to another, it allows them to feel validated and integrate things into their mind. This is important but nothing new as they are all repeating what is on their mind.


By letting other people talk, they are given the chance to learn something new and expand their mind on the process. It allows them to feel more connected and socialized. One could talk to another person about the things he or she knows, but unless they are willing to listen it will not matter.


If a person is used to talking, he or she might find it difficult to listen at first. When something has been done for a long time, it might feel awkward when one does something else. From time to time, listening will start to feel normal.

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