Using The Law Of Attraction For Money

You need a 7 Day BrainwashDo you think the law of gravity cares whether it’s an apple, a feather or a lump of granite that’s falling to the ground?

Of course not! The law of gravity works regardless of what it’s attracting.

The law of attraction is similarly neutral, but you possibly are not. At least not when it comes to attracting money.

Money, it seems has many of us tied in emotional knots. “A Course In Miracles” says it loud and clear: “The Universe has no order of difficulty in miracles.”

What this means is that any difficulty we may experience in figuring out how to manifest money lies in us, not in the money itself. So if you want to discover how to use the law of attraction for money you’d better first get clear about what you believe about money to begin with.

You’ve probably heard or read elsewhere that there are commonly held beliefs about money which are said to keep the manifester and wealth apart. For example, that “money is the root of all evil.” Another common belief is that if one person has a lot of money then someone else is going short – the idea that there isn’t enough money to go around.

You should certainly have a frank conversation with yourself to discover if you are harbouring such nonsensical ideas. But an area often overlooked by those teaching how to use the law of attraction for money is your own sense of worthiness.

If you were asked, “How much are you worth? Are you being paid the right amount, less or more than you deserve right now?” – what would you say? The question may make you squirm, and if it does, take note! You’ve just hit a great truth about yourself. The follow-up question, of course, would be: “How much should you be paid?”

The key to understanding how to use the law of attraction for money is this: If you are struggling to make ends meet, don’t try to imagine yourself a billionaire overnight. The images might feel good, but when the wealth doesn’t show up in the morning, the resulting disappointment and disbelief undoes any wealth attraction you may have started!

To really use the law of attraction for money, play in your mind with various figures and notice your comfort zone. Can you imagine receiving ten thousand dollars or pounds tomorrow? How about manifesting a thousand? Still far fetched? Could you see yourself receiving a hundred?

Go with that. Stretch yourself a little, but not too far or you’ll simply give up trying to use the law of attraction for money at all, and then you’ll probably manifest more hardship.

Remember too, to be grateful for whatever does show up. Finding a penny in the street is still a manifestation of money and you’re on your way.

Finally, a word about worry. Wherever you are financially right now, worry won’t solve it. Negativity will only bring you down further. Dig deep and find your inner resourcefulness and creativity, and money will soon start manifesting again. However desperate things may get, this too will pass!

15 tips to keep you positive

You need a 7 Day BrainwashStruggling? Remember that most successful people found success out of problems and struggles. Maybe this moment is YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY?

If you are working on big plans for your life, there is a very good chance that you are going to face obstacle after obstacle.

Life IS persistence and your ability to persist will ultimately define who you are.

Use today to think about your life in ways that will only strengthen your persistence muscles and drive you forward.

There is no magic pill that you can take to suddenly become confident but you can certainly make a habit of practicing your confidence.

Think about all of the wins you have experienced in your life. Big or small it doesn’t matter. Feed your mind with “confidence fuel”.

Convince yourself that you are DAMN good and experience the true feelings of confidence as it permeates through you.

BE YOURSELF. This means showing your true colors in all situations. It means acting wild and crazy even when others look at you funny.

There is no truer sense of freedom then when you can 100% express yourself, your opinions and your true feelings.

People fall into one of two categories when it comes to fear. They either know and face their fears or they deny and hide from their fears.

Make today all about committing to the breakthrough DESPITE any level of fear. Focus on the gain and the positive outcome.

My challenge to you is simple. Before you go to bed tonight, take 1 bold action in the direction of your major passions.

Every successful person that you can find has overcome enormous odds and obstacles.

New challenges show their faces almost daily. The obstacles tend to grow in proportion to the size of your goals.

If you have a massive life goal you are working towards then you are likely facing massive obstacles.

How thought vibrations affect your life

You need a 7 Day BrainwashThe emotional energy we give out in the form of thoughts is referred to as a vibration. Our thoughts are only powerful when they are connected to emotions. This is just as well, as we can have many thousands of different thoughts each day, but most are only fleeting so do not contain any emotional energy. The thoughts we need to be aware of are those that we attach emotional feeling to. For example, if you are really worried about money, and this is constantly on your mind, you are likely to feel very emotionally anxious about this, which will affect your thought vibrations and attract more reasons to feel worried about money into your life. On the other hand, if you see a dog playing, you may have the passing thought that it would be nice to have a dog, but this is soon forgotten. If you don’t feel strongly about having a dog then this thought will not be charged with emotional energy and so you will not be giving out any strong vibrations.

You probably know someone who always seems to look on the down side of life (or maybe you are that person!) I once heard about someone who was constantly moaning about the negative things which happened to him; the poor service he received in restaurants, the things that used to breakdown in his home, his children’s’ behaviour his first words when he walked into the office were You’re not going to believe what’s happened now!’ before launching into his latest tale of woe. The funny thing was, the more he moaned the more negative experiences he had! His car was always breaking down, he encountered more problems in his work than anyone else, and if an illness was doing the rounds, he and his family were always the first to get it. Because he was always expecting the worst to happen, and expecting that he was going to experience nothing but problems, this expectation is what he was giving out in his thought vibrations. Of course he was attracting more problems, more bad service, more illness and more reasons to moan.

I should make it clear here that the universe does not bring you problems because you are a bad or evil person. Nobody is judging you. The law of attraction cannot understand our thoughts, only our thought vibrations. It does not attract good’ or bad’ vibrations, it attracts like vibrations- this is a very important concept to understand. If you are feeling bad, you are giving out vibrations to reflect your feelings, and the law of attraction simply works through the universe to bring you what it thinks you want- namely more reasons to feel bad. For example, if you are constantly stressing and stewing over all the debt you have, the universe receives the connected thought vibrations and thinks you want more debt- so manifests more bills, or a car breakdown.

Contrast this with someone who always seems to be happy and positive and who expects things to go well; they generally do, because this is what they are attracting through their thought vibrations. I have heard the phrase money goes to money’ many times; the idea being that money seems to be attracted to those who already have plenty of it. I would suggest that this is the law of attraction at work; people who have money expect to always have plenty, and feel confident and positive in their ability to produce more of it. This is reflected in their thought vibrations, so more money is naturally attracted to them. Learn from them!

Instant Manifestation

You need a 7 Day BrainwashInstant manifestation may at first glance seem like the “holy grail” of law of attraction devotees, but the reality is that you would end up with the curse of Midas if it could be done!

Midas, whose name is now often associated with gold and the “golden touch” was, if you remember your mythology, deeply unhappy and in the end killed by his greed. His wish that everything he touched should turn to gold meant that his food became inedible and even his tongue turned to gold.

However, we shouldn’t throw out such an enormous idea before giving it more careful examination. If we take Biblical stories of miracles literally, then instant manifestation is certainly possible. The problem for most of us, though, is that the reason we desire something instantly is usually because we’re desperate. That’s an emotion born of fear and panic – energies guaranteed to keep the object of our desires and us apart.

Another point to realize is this: when something appears in the material world, it does so in an instant. I was privileged to be present at the birth of my son, and part of the miracle was that there was suddenly a moment when there was another – and brand new – person in the room. But of course, there was a nine month prelude to that instant.

It’s the same with most physical things. They will appear in your reality when just a moment before there was seemingly nothing there. In all probability, however, there’s been a gestation period of anything from a few hours or days to most of a lifetime. Think of the number of performing artistes who jokingly point out that their “overnight success” took twenty years or so!

Stay focussed, clear and trusting, and the instant manifestation of all your desires will show up. Eventually.

How the law of attraction can help your career

You need a 7 Day BrainwashThose of you who are searching for a job may find it impossible to find one which suits you. Is this because such a job does not exist, or is it because in your subconscious mind you believe that you will not be able to find a job, and consequently are releasing so much negative energy out into the universe that you are actually driving those jobs away?

Anyone who has ever tried to search for a job (or known somebody who has) knows that you have a drastically improved chance of finding employment when you are already employed elsewhere than if you are unemployed. For someone who has lost their job and is currently unemployed it may seem easier to climb Mount Everest than to get that first all-important interview. It seems as though nobody is interested in what they have to offer.

Why is this? It’s certainly not because there are no employment opportunities out there; many people manage to find jobs relatively easily and some even hold down two or three different jobs. Why, then, do people suffer from unemployment for months or even years at a time?

The answer to that is they often believe they will not be able to find a job, and consequently they have stopped trying. In their subconscious minds they do not truly believe that any of their efforts will work, and so they are projecting that negative thought energy out to the universe.

On the other hand, an individual who already has a job is secure and confident in their ability to find a job and do it well; after all, someone has obviously thought them worthy enough to hire them (and keep them) in the first place, and chances are if they are searching for a new job it is because they are confident enough in their abilities that they believe they deserve a job that will treat them better/pay them more/provide more stimulating work/etc.

Since they are projecting this positive energy out, they will be drawing in positive energy as well, attracting the job that they truly want.

Chances are that you too are looking for more from your career than you have right now. If you are still seeking that dream job, simply state your intention; ask the universe for it, imagine yourself in your dream job, feel as thought you have it, believe that it is yours and then sit back and wait, secure in the knowledge that the law of attraction will bring it into your life. It might not be today, it might not exactly how you expected, but it will happen.

Maybe you are satisfied with the job you have but you are seeking a promotion; after all, no one wants to be at the bottom of the career ladder forever.

In order to get the promotion you are dreaming about the first thing you must do is remove any doubt from your mind. Walk into the interview one hundred percent sure that the position is yours; remember, if you are still living with the belief that the position may be above you and you are not certain that you have the necessary skills to fill it then you are absolutely right. On the other hand, if you believe that the position is yours and you do have the necessary skills to do a good job, you are also right! So what is your reality going to be?

If you have ever gone to high school you have probably received advice on what to do and what not to do in an interview. One of the biggest don’ts in interviewing protocol is to let the interviewer see that you are nervous. By showing the interviewer that you have confidence in your ability to handle any job which they throw at you, you are increasing your value as an employee in their eyes.

The same can be said of any attempts to open a business. It is essential when approaching prospective investors that you have one hundred percent confidence in yourself and your business in order to guarantee that they will be willing to take a chance on you.

Is this need for absolute confidence a coincidence only, or is it the law of attraction at work? By having confidence in your abilities you are sending positive energy out into the universe, and consequently drawing the positive energies currently existing in the universe back to you.

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of sending out positive thought vibrations as often as you can. The release of positive thought energy into the universe is what allows you manifest your dream life rather than just drifting and accepting whatever comes your way because you don’t feel that you can change it.

You Want An Easy Way To Attract Money? Discover How To Become Wealthy From Within

You need a 7 Day BrainwashThe “holy grail” of the law of attraction would surely be to find an easy way of attracting money. Ever since the end of bartering, people have searched for some simple steps to become rich. A little research – by which I mean using myself as a guinea pig – has led me to discover that there is such a way and that all those who use it have three things in common.

In short, these are:

1. Belief without doubt.

2. A sense of worthiness.

3. The willingness to take inspired action.

Before I explain those, however, we must define “easy.” I have seen fire eaters who make their act look easy, but I’m extremely certain that it isn’t, so I won’t be trying that anytime soon. Could we agree that “easy” means a way of attracting wealth which feels enjoyable, works consistently well and is fast? It’s not exactly science, but then when it comes to attracting money, it’s not a science anyway, is it?

Of the three elements which comprise our easy way to attract money, none is more or less important than the other. You must have all three in place, and when you do, you will attract money – easily!

The first element is belief. You must believe that you have the ability to attract money. That sounds obvious, but in fact a lot of people who say they believe they could attract money fill their minds with doubts and misgivings by checking how the majority of their friends and peers are doing financially. Instead, they go back to their personal treadmill, shaking their heads and saying it can’t be done.

The second element in our easy way to attract money is your sense of worthiness. You have to know in your heart that you deserve more money. In order to do that, you’ll need to honour your uniqueness and feel deep within you that you have something of value to contribute just by being you! The more you can value yourself in your mind, the more you’ll be able to “sell” your passion – which in the end is what people pay for.

The third, and by no means least, of our elements is to take action. Although I said that all three are required to complete the formula for the easy way to attract money, there is a reason why I’ve left this one until last. We’re conditioned to think that a lot of activity – usually labelled “hard work” – is what’s needed to get money, which we call “earning” it.

On the other hand, there’s a terrible misunderstanding about the “law of attraction” which is that merely visualising wealth will bring it to you. In fact, you must take action too – but that action needs to be inspired by the belief and the sense of worthiness I’ve mentioned above. The key to the easy way to attract money is to feel good about yourself, know that you’re worthwhile, and then act on the ideas that pop up – which is sometimes called “inspiration.”

If feeling good, liking yourself and trusting your heart feels like hard work to you then I’m sorry for misleading you. On the other hand, if you like these ideas, then you have finally stumbled on an easy way to attract money!

Keep your dreams to yourself

You need a 7 Day BrainwashOver the years, I have read hundreds of books, listened to hundreds of tapes and attended dozens of courses – all to discover the secrets of using my mind to bring me peace, happiness and to manifest into physical reality what it is I think I want at the time. With each new discovery, I have been excited sometimes to the point of bursting, and I can’t wait to tell all my friends and just about anyone who will listen to the latest key to success I have discovered.

And guess what they say?

“You can’t do that!”

“That will never work!”

“If that was true, how come everyone doesn’t do it?”

And so on. Not all of them, but by far the majority. Suddenly I am on the defensive, but ultimately the shiny new discovery is tarnished, enthusiasm wanes. I doubt.

Today I have made a new discovery on the road to peace, happiness and material wealth, and I am going to share it with you. It is this: Keep your counsel.

If you don’t, people will knock your dreams down like the tide over sand castles. They don’t mean to. They think they’re being kind. They don’t want to see you hurt. But the truth is, they’ve settled for living with disappointment. They’ve been hurt by life and they think that’s all there is.

Dream big, my friends, as big as you like. But dream secret. And when those dreams come true and your friends all ask how you did it, you can tell them:

“Just lucky, I guess.”

The Secret to Instant and Lasting Motivation

You need a 7 Day BrainwashDo you have a list of goals and desires that have yet to be fulfilled? Do you find yourself generating exciting new ideas only to find that you lose the motivation to complete them shortly after you get started? Perhaps you talk yourself out of that great new idea even before you even begin to pursue it.

The good news is that there is a very simple yet powerful technique that you can adopt immediately to help you commit to completion. The technique is called decision.

Proper decision making ability is a vital life skill that many people fail to develop at all. At first glance, this idea may seem trivial and possibly not useful but consider the context of this discussion.

When I talk about decision, I refer to someone’s personal commitment to the completion of a set objective. For some people, the simple act of making a binding agreement with themselves is enough to get the job done. For the majority of people, however, a more bold approach to decision making can be applied for maximum effectiveness.

Consider the following personal example:

Before I started my personal development company, Ignite Your Essence, I had been interested in becoming a speaker and I was always studying and testing various ideas and techniques that I was learning about the personal development industry. I knew that I had an inner calling to follow this passion and teach people what I knew about these ideas and philosophies.

I attended an inspirational seminar where the speakers were talking about this very topic. The main message I received that day was that we are all 100% responsible for our results and we are capable of setting any goal we want for our life.

I really took this to heart and started to contemplate the idea of becoming a platform speaker – teaching, inspiring and motivating audiences much like the people who I was watching that day. Because I was in a state of mind that allowed me to get emotionally involved with the idea, it grew beyond a daydream and I started thinking about how I could make this happen.

I started studying personal development principles for many hours a day and taking note of which techniques I was already using in my current career while learning and applying new ideas in various areas of my life (family, fitness, financial as well as career).

Eventually, the idea of starting a business as a speaker grew so heated that I knew I had to do something. For about a week, I played a mental chess match with myself thinking about all the reasons why I should pursue this dream while simultaneously thinking about all of the reasons why I couldn’t do it. As soon as I learned this lesson about decision, everything changed and my life has never been the same.

I woke up one morning and made a committed decision to book my first public workshop. I picked a date about one month out, found a hall to host it and booked the hall with a down payment. I was locked in and committed to doing this! It was both a mental and physical move that made a world of difference.

The ambivalence instantly disappeared and my mind moved into a much more creative mode. Instead of worrying about whether or not I could even accomplish this goal, I started asking myself a new set of questions. What topic do I run the workshop on? How do I advertise? Who do I market to? Needless to say I completed that workshop a month later and so began the inception of my own personal development education company, which I now run as a full time business (my dream realized).

The key point to be emphasized is that I made a committed decision and backed that decision with a tangible forcing function. Like the stories of the Renaissance explorers, I had arrived at a destination, “burned my ships”, and had no choice but to move forward and deliver the goods.

Can you think about a committed decision you could make today, RIGHT NOW, that could ultimately alter the entire direction of your life?

Perhaps there is a trip you have been meaning to take that could open a new window of opportunity – call the travel agent now! If you have been struggling with your health and fitness, maybe you can find a competition to enter and pay the entry fee? Whatever it is, make the decision and lock yourself into the decision to ensure you have a solid forcing function.

For me, if I did not put a down payment on the hall rental for my first workshop, I may very well have let the doubt and fear push me to cancel the entire event and ultimately abandoned my dream. If the idea moves you in the direction of your dream or purpose, make the committed decision today!

Determine a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) for your life

You need a 7 Day Brainwash“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.” Napoleon Hill

In my opinion, the most important step anyone can take in the development of themselves and in the development of their potential is to determine a Definite Major Purpose (DMP) for their life!

If you really think about it, the most successful people in the world do this instinctively. Some of them may be well aware of the importance of having a major purpose in life while others just happen to stumble upon their purpose and never give it a second thought before diving in.

What are some of the characteristics of a DMP?

-It is work you would do whether or not you were paid

-It is something you have passion for

-It is something that YOU believe to be very important

-When you hold the vision of yourself engaged in your DMP, you feel excitement and joy

-It is work that you would like to be remembered for…Your LEGACY!

Why is it, then, that so few people ever find a DMP for their life? Why do we see so many people who don’t enjoy their days and spend all of their time wishing for something more?

From my experiences with coaching clients and with my seminar audiences, one of the most obvious pain points I notice is the fact that many people have not decided what they WANT out of life.

This is not surprising. For the majority of us, from a very young age we were conditioned to follow instructions, do what others told us to do and listen to outside opinions. So we did. We did what we thought we were supposed to do. Our own wants and desires in life took a back seat to what were “supposed” to be doing to establish a safe and secure future.

For many folks, a critical assumption had been made in their life and it translated to a mindset of lack and personal limitation. The assumption is that I cannot make a living doing what I love to do.’

By assuming this statement as an absolute truth, we see millions of people in our society accepting the fact’ that their dreams in life are unrealistic. Many people file these dreams in a

memory bank for safe keeping with the hope that one day, in the distant future, they will be in a position to be, do or have their heart’s desire.

If you happen to fall into the above category, or even if you don’t, I would like you to consider the following question:

“If you had all of the resources, money, self esteem, confidence and personal power to accomplish anything, what would you do?”

This is a powerful question to ask yourself because you are really talking about a higher purpose. You are searching for the answer to the following question, “What was I put on this earth to do?”

The exciting and empowering realization is that we all decide what our purpose is. It is literally up to us to decide what we want to do, what we want to dedicate our life to, find our own reasons for doing so and then pursue it.

OK, so figuring out your DMP in life isn’t exactly a trivial task. In fact, it took me 7 months of reading, studying, meditation, having discussions with people close to me and lots of introspection to finally decide I wanted to be a personal development speaker and success coach. Now, during this time period I certainly had an idea about what I wanted and the path I was on but I did not make a firm decision and set a clear goal (HINT for Lesson 2) until my 7th month of searching.

The point is, do not be alarmed, frustrated, overwhelmed or anxious if you don’t know what your DMP is. In fact, GET EXCITED by the fact that you are, starting TODAY, on a personal MISSION to figure out what it is you WANT out of life!