Busy Woman? Here are 10 Successful Goal Setting Tips

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myselfhelpdiary woman goal setting tips1. Figure out what you want. This sound simple, but when did you last think about what you want? What do you want in your life, career, family, hobbies?

2. White down your goals. A recent study from Dominican University claims that those graduates who wrote down their goals accomplished them than those who did not. Our brain cannot track our demands and dreams. So go buy yourself a journal and write down all the things that you want to achieve.

3. Apply SMART goals.

Specific – are you clear with your goals?

Measurable – how will you know you will achieve it?

Agreed – this is important when working with a team.

Realistic – can you achieve it?

Timely – when will it be done?

Reread your goals and check if they are using SMART.

4. Add emotion. According to Kendall Summerhawk, you need to feel and have some emotion towards your goal. Setting goals is not just a task that you can tick off. You have to feel and see the goal. If you do this, then goals will materialize faster.

5. Make a 90-day plan. This plan was formulated by Paul Hoff. Basically, he encourages looking at your long term goals to map out a 90-day plan. The plan is to get as realistic as possible on what you want to achieve.

6. Set a planning day every week. You can spend an hour reviewing your goals and mapping the things that you need to do over the week. You can spend 15 minutes in the morning updating your task list. This may not come easy for you. But with perseverance, it can help with getting them done.

7. Estimate how long. During the planning stage, it helps to think how long thing will take. Most of us will underestimate how long things take to get finished. It will become more realistic by tracking how long things will take. What gets measured gets done.

8. Do big things first. You have to make time for the big things in your life.

9. Make sure that you set goals you include yourself. A research conducted by Families and Work Institute found that 49% of women did not have enough free time. Less than 4% had no time. So what would Me time look like to you? If you have 30 minutes a week, what would you do with that time to yourself?

10. Reward yourself. We are driven often to improve and do greater performance that we forget to remind ourselves of our achievements. Identify the reward you will have when setting your specific goals. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee. If it is a huge achievement, then you may want to treat yourself of something that you have never been for a while.


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