Managing Anxiety and Panic Disorders (Anxiety Part 3)

In managing anxiety, like any other emotional disturbance, there are a lot of approaches. Many therapists provide some form of behavior modifications like behavior rehearsal, modeling, thought-stopping, and relaxation training.

These approaches may be helpful, but an apparent deficiency with behavior modification is that mental state and perception that cause the anxiety may not compromise the basic focus or consideration of the treatment.

The treatment should be cognition and not behavioral. Behavioral approach is usually concomitant and secondary.

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Anxiety Part 2: Understanding Anxiety or Panic Disorders

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The cases of anxiety are very high and the effects are profound. These effects have 3 basic categories, namely, physical, psycho-emotional, and social. Let us talk about the physical effects of anxiety. It results in an array of physiological discomforts. One manifestation can be labeled under psychosomatic signs like muscle cramps, headaches, heart palpitations, upset stomach, and other body pains and aches. Sustained anxiety ends up in health risks. Organic and functional sicknesses ranging from dyspepsia to heart problems are the long term effects.

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Anxiety Part 1: Understanding Anxiety or Panic Disorders


Anxiety is very common and this is not an emotion restricted to politically oppressed or economically deprived individuals. Anxiety is an inevitable part in humans, from international to governmental and domestic to personal. It is marked with stress, perplexity, and uncertainty.

Many people deny their anxiety or the intensity of it for some reasons like the need to avoid embarrassment, sense of pride, fear of rejection, threat of vulnerability, and so on. Its occurrence is debilitating and disturbing and its persistence is crippling.

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You Should Curb the Instinct of Taking Revenge

myselfhelpdiary taking revengeRevenge begets revenge. Gandhi said that if everyone followed an eye for an eye, then we are all be walking blind. Taking revenge may sound pleasurable but it does not yield any goodness. On the other hand, there are still some people who do not want to take revenge.

Couples start hurting each other and the relationship starts to get sour. Instead of fixing the relations, they spend more time in making it worst. In fact, some people admit that they take pleasure in hurting others.

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Anger Can Lead to Expensive Expenses

myselfhelpdiary-anger-managementIn the United States, heart diseases cause almost half of all deaths every year, twice as many as cancer. Emotions have deep and direct relation with the heart and it is common fact that stress is a bad influence. Little that people know is the negative effects of anger and the lack of emotional support from other people in the life of a person. In this article, we will talk about anger and how you can control it to avoid serious consequences.

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6 Tips to Smoothen Your Marriage Life

myselfhelpdiary strengthen marriage lifeMaintaining a long-term relationship is challenging as it requires time and attention. When something goes wrong, couples do proactive measures to fix the relationship. These measures can often lead to either strengthening the relationship or a breakup. Here are a few easy tips on how you can strengthen your marriage life.

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Life is Not Easy But You Should Live Anyway

myselfhelpdiary lifeLife is hard. You may have heard of this before and this is very true. Life is also funny with all of its twists and turns and most of the time no one is laughing as they take the ride. So the main question is, why is life not easy? There are countless of reasons for that but let us take a few of them.

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How to Find Your Inner Strength

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Life gives us challenges that can be difficult and painful. It is the challenges in life that makes us stronger and who we are. Whether you are coping with loss of income, an end to a marriage, death of a loved one, etc. we all have struggles in life. Learning from these experiences is crucial in taking the next positive steps to find your self again.

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Changing the Way You Talk to Yourself

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Talking to yourself negatively can destroy your self-confidence and make problems in relationships. We feel that we are unworthy to be loved, incapable of doing anything good, and unable to finish something that has value. Words can cut like swords in every soul and destroy success and happiness. Changing how we talk needs awareness of what we are saying. Most people, unfortunately, do not realize that they are talking to themselves negatively. Unless another person will notify them.

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