Anxiety Part 1: Understanding Anxiety or Panic Disorders

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Anxiety is very common and this is not an emotion restricted to politically oppressed or economically deprived individuals. Anxiety is an inevitable part in humans, from international to governmental and domestic to personal. It is marked with stress, perplexity, and uncertainty.

Many people deny their anxiety or the intensity of it for some reasons like the need to avoid embarrassment, sense of pride, fear of rejection, threat of vulnerability, and so on. Its occurrence is debilitating and disturbing and its persistence is crippling.

Let us talk about the nature of anxiety. It is a mental tension that shows itself in uneasiness, apprehension, irritability, and worry. This mental tension ends either from a feeling of uncertainty regarding the future or impending events, or from a feeling of inability to control the environment or affairs.

It is a normal emotional response in human beings struggling to survive and live comfortably. Anxiety is a reminder of the appalling frailty of mankind and its utter impotence to master destiny.

Anxiety and fear are closely interrelated but have different concepts. When we define fear, it is both emotional and psychological response to a feeling of being in danger. Fear is a survival mechanism and it foster self-preservation. On the other hand, anxiety is a warning signal of a person increasing impotence to survive.

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Not all the time that anxiety is harmful, but rather only some forms of it. Psychologists in secular and spiritual fields believe that periodic mild anxiety helps in performance and productivity. Concentration is heightened, motivation is stimulated, and alertness is enhanced.

A person’s ability and potential are more efficiently harnessed. As a result, socializing repercussions and serious educational may result when anxiety is absent or too much.

The relationship between harmful and friendly anxiety is somewhat similar to stress and distress. A small amount of stress is indispensable to peak success and performance. This is evident with an athlete ready to run a race or compete in an event.

On the other hand, the threat to health happens when the increase of stress is transformed to distress. This circumstance may happen to a business executive who has demanding daily quota to meet and unrelenting deadlines to catch up. Atrophy and inefficiency are the natural results. The result is the onset of severe emotional disturbances. Harmful anxiety is the main focus of this article.

A further discussion of anxiety is helpful. Debilitating anxiety has two types, simple and neurotic. Simple anxiety is a temporary emotional tension that most people experience towards the struggles and pressures of life. Neurotic anxiety is emotional tension that has become an ingrained behavioral trait of a person’s personality.

A neurosis is an emotional disturbance spreading to the whole personality. For example, some neuroses are obsessive compulsive reaction, phobia, hysteria, neurasthenia, hostility, chronic depression, and so on. An untreated neurosis may develop into a psychosis, though this development is dependent on hereditary and predispositional reasons.

Simple anxiety is basically discussed in this post, though much of what is deemed as equal relevance to neurotic anxiety. This natural nature of anxiety stays constant but only its intensity and degree differs. The treatment of neurotic anxiety is a specialized method due to anxiety has become behaviorally entrenched.

Personality maladjustment should also be dealt. The causative factors and psychodynamics pertaining to anxiety has to be discovered and examined, which may entail detailed conversations and analysis of childhood experiences and domestic training. Individuals who suffer from neurotic anxiety usually need professional counseling.

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