How to Achieve Effective Communication

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myselfhelpdiary effective communicationIn spite of the numerous subjects taught at school, some of the important things that needed to be learnt in life are ignored. Modern education systems lack a curriculum that teaches effective communication.

Effective communication has an important role to our personal effectiveness in life. This is like jigsaw puzzle pieces joining up making the big picture, effective communication has so many different things like good relationship with the family and friends or the use of it in projects or for other stuffs.

Rule of thumb, communication basically consists of speaking and listening.


Can you really by in the moment, speak with clarity, resolve conflicts, inspire or simply just keep communications run smoothly? If so, then you are pretty good in communicating, making yourself understood clearly.


Take note that communication is speaking and listening. Given this statement, it can be said that listening make up 50% of the communication. This is important, while underestimated.

Listening is not just getting a bunch of words that comes in your way and making sense of them. What you may get while listening to some is only your interpretation that is limited to a viewpoint. For example, an interpretation of a salesman when listening will be limited to hearing what favors him selling his product. In the case of a mother customer, her interpretation when listening will be limited to what she might feel that would benefit her child. There are many situations where we only hear what we want to and because of this, we miss opportunities.

The gist here is to realize that you may at least at time have a limited viewpoint and ensure you have an interpretative listening for opportunity and effectiveness.


Whether it is for relationships, career advancement, winning trophies, and so on, achievement has 3 things. Like 3 jigsaw puzzle pieces joining together making the big picture, achievement consists of:

1. Goal – what is it you want to achieve? Note that it is important here to be precise and measurable. What is it that will confirm your achievement, and when?

2. Communication – whatever it is you want to achieve, communication will involve along the way.

3. Fulfillment – the chosen goal that involves communication is your structure for fulfillment.

So there you have it. This is the foundation for effective communication and its importance in dealing with real life situations. What is it that you want to achieve? Hope that this article inspired you to look further regarding the subject.

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