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I’m Eric Nicolas (French native – nobody’s perfect :)), and I created this blog just for YOU.

I make a very cool living as an entrepreneur (self-publishing & coaching in both French and English languages), and am so glad you’re here because…

…As I had to overcome many hurdles, fears, and lack of self-confidence to get to where I am today, I’m happy to share empowering content with people just like you who have chosen to improve their lives for the better!

As you may know, the practice of self-help is definitely the best way to lead yourself to exactly where you want to be by becoming unstoppable in your quest for success, love and prosperity!

Trust me – regardless of your age, your situation or where you come from, the most important thing is the direction you decide to take. You couldn’t make a better choice than mastering all aspects of your life by using self-improvement. I’ll do my best to provide you with all the knowledge you may need along the way!

This blog is full of free content, tips and advices in many areas of self-help. Feel free to take a tour, check out the content, comment, share it and enjoy your journey to self-development!


Eric Nicolas, author and self-development coach


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