10 Types Of People YouReally Dont Need In Your Life

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People inspire you, or they drain you pick them wisely ~ Hans F. Hansen

1. The Naysayers

The ones who dump on your dreams and doubt everything and everybody and are always thinking why something will not work instead of how to make it work. They are the ones who will not be happy if you make it and will make fun of you if you dont. These are the people successful people have learned to stay away from.

2. The Entitled

The ones who feel like theyre better and smarter than anyone else, and are entitled to belittle people or get away with things other people cant. They are constantly talking about themselves that they are probably not listening to anyone around them. They will never compromise or go out of their way to help and they will always believe that no one else is worth their time. And this is why you also dont need to waste your time with them.

3. The Fake

The ones who make you question how genuine they really are, whether you should believe their compliments, their advice or even their love for you. Theyre always saying things they dont mean to people they dont like and you’re not sure which category you belong to. It can be exhausting to keep up with these people.

4. The Dramatic

The ones who always want to make a scene and make it about , the ones who always rain on your parade and will find a way to ruin a special occasion. They are constantly putting on a show and expecting everyone to watch and listen. Stay away from people who enjoy making their lives difficult because they will eventually make difficult too.

5. The Hostile

The ones who like to stir up controversy and cause fights between people if they are not the ones who are fighting, they think everyone is out to get them and they find it hard to love others. Theyre always picking on people and pointing out their flaws and their intimidating attitude pushes people away. Hostile people will never bring positivity into your life.

6. The Mysterious

The ones who will never tell you much about themselves; you never know what they really do or who theyre actually dating or where they really live. Theyre always so elusive and vague and their conversations are very shallow and superficial. They know how to get people to talk about themselves but are very calculated about how much they reveal.

7. The Manipulators

The smooth talkers. They always know how to convince people to buy whatever sh*t theyre selling. They know how to talk to you like youre a friend and they act like they know what makes you happy and who you are, but they always want something more from you or have a hidden agenda. Theyre planning for something under the facade of friendship until they get what they want and then vanish.

8. The Opportunists

The ones who will talk to you only after you got that job or that car or started dating that person because they know that you can offer them something they need. They only remember you when youre at your highest and forget about you when youre at your lowest. The ones who only want to show you off instead of truly appreciating your company.

9. The Ghosts

The ones who hang out with you everyday then suddenly disappear for months and then come back into your life again like nothing happened. Theyre always unpredictable and moody and they never keep their word. Their plansarealways on their terms and usually months apart if they actually adhered tothese plans. You can never count on these people and they will never let you count on them anyway.

10. The Liars

Those who lied to you before and lied to almost everyone they know. You cannever trust them and they will never run out of lies to tell you. Not only about themselves but they will lie to you and tell you what you want to hear instead of the truth. They definitely dont have your best interest at heart and you will never get an honest feedback from them.

Author: Rania Naim | Source: Thoughtcatalog.com

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